Here you will find information about the different ministries in the church such as contact information and a brief summary about each department.

FAM(Youth Ministry)

"This Ministry is designed to train our youths to be more effective in witnessing the gospel of Jesus Christ. In preparing them to take a more active role in our church, it also equips them in becoming a role model for those who are unsaved"


TWF(Women's Ministry)

MISSION: Women Bridging the Gap

PURPOSE: TWF is designed for women of all ages to know that she is uniquely gifted by God.  It is our desire for women to find a place to study the word of God and equip them to use the gifts God has given them.

VISION: TWF’s vision is to spiritually transform and empower the lives of women through teaching, relationship building and mentoring in order to foster and environment of unity for women of all ages.

WAM (Worship thru Arts & Music)

I Samuel 18:6

When the men were returning home after David had killed the Philistine, the women came out from all the towns of Israel to meet King Saul with singing and dancing, with joyful songs and with timbrels and lyres.

MISSION:  The arts worshipping in unison beyond the veil.

PURPOSE:  The WAM is a comprehensive team using an innovative buffet of singing, dancing, music, dramas and technology to deliver a message from God to His people.

VISION:  It is our prayer that we touch hearts and minister to our congregation and abroad each time we are given an opportunity to go forth in the spirit of worship.


MSG(Men Spiritually Growing)

MISSION: Development of men for God’s work.


PURPOSE: Continually empowering men for successful discipleship.


VISION: MSG vision is to develop spiritually-minded men to become effective workers by encouraging them to Study the Word, Live the Word and Teach the Word

Helping Hands for Christ

MISSION: Provide a helping hand in a Christian environment.


PURPOSE: Selfless service to edify the body of Christ.


VISION: HHC’s vision is to care for the spiritual, emotional, educational and physical need of the saved and unsaved.

Sweet Fellowship

MISSION: Enhance the fellowship experience between PGBC ministries, member, visitors and the community.

PURPOSE:  Make a targeted effort to reduce the duplication of services provided during fellowship connections.  Provide for the church a systematic approach to fellowship opportunities that will assist with the set-up, flow, execution, timeliness, and take down of events.

VISION: Strategic fellowship connections that will make the most of the opportunities presented to connect with one another in a genuine way.

Word of Life

MISSION: Delivery of theologically correct bible teaching.

PURPOSE:  Word of Life purpose is to equip and educate teachers, counselors, ministry presidents on how to seize every teaching opportunity presented to delivery comprehensive and biblical accurate information to their targeted audiences.

VISION: Every ministry will grow to incorporate the viable teachings of Jesus Christ in every area of service.

Children's Church

Rehab and the Wall of Jericho (Superbook)