A Message Of Purpose From the Deacon Ministry...

"The Deacon Ministry at PGBC seeks to assist the Pastor and the membership of the church through service. They are led by the Spirit to aide the Pastor with his vision and leadership of the church. The deacon ministry is a bibilical, vital, and important office in the life of the church. The deacon's ministry is called to serve as an extention of the Pastor's arms in his ministry. They are to be peace makers when conflict, confusion, or gossip arise in the church. The deacons give counsel and support to the business and financial matters of the church. Our deacons are servants." 


Contact Number: 205-556-1220




Deacon Charles Cutts                  

Deacon Famous Fornis

Deacon Albert Gladney

Deacon Emerson Gore

Deacon Byron Hall

Deacon Eddie Harris

Deacon Brad Hill, Sr.

Deacon Tyrone McCollum

Deacon Anderson Paige Jr.

Deacon George Snyder  

Deacon Darryl Stokes

Deacon Ernest L.Washington         

Piney Grove Baptist Church

402 Kicker Road

Tuscaloosa, AL 35404             



Main #: 205-556-1220

Learning Center #:


Pastor's Office #:



BTU: 1st & 3rd Sundays: After Sunday School

Sunday School:  9:30am

Corporate Sunday School: Last Sunday of each month

Morning Worship: Sundays: 10:30am

Children's Church Availiable


Sunday School Teacher's Meeting: Wednesday 5:30p.m.

Corporate Youth Bible Study: 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 5:30 pm

Youth Bible Study: Wednesdays: 6:15pm

Bible Study: Wednesdays: 6:30pm

Prayer Meeting: Wednesday 7:00pm

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