Piney Grove History


Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1912 in the home of Mr. Paul Williams. The church was a large wooden framed building with only one windowless room. At the time, the church was located on what was then called Paper Mill Road, but now known as Kicker Road.  After being established as God's place of worship, Piney Grove continued to grow through the years.


From 1912-1940, Piney Grove grew both rapidly and spiritually as membership grew under the following spiritual leaders: Rev. H. Green, Rev. W.M. Pickens, Rev. T.L. Green, Rev. Moses Finch, Rev. A. Lacey, Rev. James Foster, and the Rev. J.C. Carter.


From 1940-1971, Rev. J.S. Lacey was sent by God to spiritually lead Piney Grove in a new direction. It was during this time that candidates for baptism (who were previously baptized in the swimming pool at the Central Foundry) used the baptismal pool built outside the church. The church also purchased its first set of communion supplies during this time period.


From 1971-1992, Rev. O.L. Morgan provided 21 years of strong spiritual leadership which caused another accelerated membership growth. Through his leadership and church commitment to serve God, Piney Grove made great strides with accomplishments such as: having a mortgage burning, purchased new pulpit furniture, purchased a church van, paved the parking lot, added a finance room, central air, and heating. The O.L. Morgan Gospel Choir was established as well as Wednesday Night Bible Study. During his administration, many members were called into the ministry.


From 1992 to the present, Rev. Ulysses Lewis has accepted the call from God to pastor Piney Grove. Under his administration, even more, achievements have occurred: established weekly worship services and church by-laws, monthly leadership meetings, senior adult ministry, healthcare ministry, singles ministry, Sunday school teachers' meeting, and a new van ministry. Christian education has been a priority with Pastor Lewis. He has put great emphasis on many areas such as Sunday School, teacher's meetings, VBS, youth department, and NBC attendance. The Learning Center, summer camp, church nursery, children's church, and scholarship initiatives have all been established under Pastor Lewis' guidance.


In 1995, God gave Pastor Lewis the vision to build a new church and family life center. The land for the new church was purchased just west of the former location. In January 2001, a contract for the new church and life center was signed and in March 2001, the ground-breaking ceremony and property clearing began. By March 2002, the new church was completed and on Easter morning, March 31, 2002, the Piney Grove
congregation marched from the former location (130 19th Ave East) to the present location (402 Kicker Road) and the first service was held.


In conclusion, the history of Piney Grove remains a glorious journey of faith. It is a passionate history filled with love. It is a rich history of faith in God and an example of the spirit of perseverance in God's people that they will not stop moving forward. From this time onward, each step that is taken in the name of the LORD, will by faith, add to the legacy in the great history of Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church. 




Piney Grove Baptist Church

402 Kicker Road

Tuscaloosa, AL 35404     


Main #: 205-556-1220

Learning Center #:


Pastor's Office #:



BTU: 1st & 3rd Sundays: After Sunday School

Sunday School:  9:30am

Corporate Sunday School: Last Sunday of each month

Morning Worship: Sundays: 10:30am

Children's Church Availiable


Sunday School Teacher's Meeting: Wednesday 5:30p.m.

Corporate Youth Bible Study: 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 5:30 pm

Youth Bible Study: Wednesdays: 6:15pm

Bible Study: Wednesdays: 6:30pm

Prayer Meeting: Wednesday 7:00pm

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